Aluminum Casting vs. Stainless Steel

Oct 27, 2015

PPCP_part3Here are some key difference between aluminum casting and stainless steel casting that can impact the choice of alloy for industrial parts:

  • Workability – aluminum is more malleable and easier to work with than stainless steel.
  • Welding – stainless steel is easier to weld than aluminum.
  • Strength vs. Weight – while aluminum is not as strong as stainless steel, it is about one third the weight, making it a good choice when the strength-weight ratio is important.
  • Electric Conductivity – aluminum is a very good conductor, while stainless steel is poor.
  • Heat Resistance – aluminum softens at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, while stainless steel can tolerate significantly higher temperatures.
  • Cost – aluminum is typically less costly than stainless steel.