Investment Casting over Sand Casting

Jan 16, 2024

When choosing a production process, many manufacturers select investment casting over sand casting because of its significant advantages. Consider these three important factors: 


1 – Mold Versatility: Investment casting molds can accommodate more complex, difficult-to-produce geometries, including thin walls, intricate interior cavities, and more. 


2 – Mold Designs: Sand casting molds always leave a parting line because they must be pulled apart to release patterns prior to pouring molten alloys. Parting lines must be ground off after cooling. 


3 – Finishes:  Because sand molds can’t achieve the hardness of ceramic, finishes can be compromised, and tolerances may not be as precise as with investment casting.  


There are applications where sand casting is sufficient, however, investment casting is a superior approach in many cases.