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Robotic Dipping Stations

Investment casting or lost-wax casting is one of the oldest metal-forming techniques on the planet. Today, the same traditional dipping or ‘investment’ processes have found renewed versatility, precision and efficiency with the aid of the latest robotics and software.

A new approach to a traditional technique

To ensure consistency across every casting project utilizing the lost-wax casting process, we’ve put together a suite of the latest robotic investment stations. In doing so, we’re able to leverage all the advantages of traditional technology while minimizing repeatability and efficiency problems. As this historically labor-intensive technique reaps the benefits of modern robotics, it becomes viable for an increasingly broad range of product lines.

Our cutting edge robotic dipping stations improve product standardization and labor efficiency.

Improved speed

PPCP Inc. uses the latest all-digital drive technology to transform what was once an arduous and frequently inconsistent process into an automated, high-speed process. We can maintain high volume processing which avoids bottlenecks in operations typical of less advanced foundry processes.

Complex castings

Cutting-edge robotics paired with the latest software solutions allows us to achieve results never before possible. Our robotic stations can handle high-precision operations with unmatched reliability, removing the inconsistency shown in manual dipping operations.

More reliable, more dependable

Because our investment casting utilizes cutting-edge robotics to produce consistent final results, you can put faith into the final product. Repeatable castings lead to better processes, safety, and minimized down time.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about the potential of our robotic dipping operations, contact PPCP today. Contact us online or call 717-273-3338 with any inquiries or quote requests.

robotics dipping a lost wax ceramic mol in a vat of slurry