End-of-Year Foundry Checkup

Dec 12, 2023

Is your investment casting partner the best one for your needs? Find out with an end-of-year foundry checkup. While there are many capabilities and characteristics that determine whether your foundry is the right one for you, these are among the most important:


  • Does your foundry produce the quality parts you need?
  • Does it consistently and reliably meet your specifications?
  • Can your foundry accommodate special needs and requests?
  • Are your orders delivered on time and as promised?
  • Is a full menu of specialized alloys available?
  • Does it utilize cutting-edge nondestructive testing to ensure quality?
  • Are value-added services available like zero days lead time stocking, rapid prototyping, heat treating, and others?
  • Does your foundry have complete, up-to-date capabilities and technology?
  • Is your foundry team responsive, proactive, and focused on your success?


Your foundry should be your investment casting partner, not just a supplier. If any of these questions raises a concern for you, contact PPCP at 717-273-3338 and peruse the PPCP website (home link).