End-of-Year Investment Casting Checkup

Dec 5, 2023

As we come to the end of 2023, it’s a great time to do an end-of-year investment casting checkup. Many manufacturers are satisfied with the quality of their precision cast parts, not realizing that they could be better. Without knowing it, some may be missing valuable opportunities or incurring unnecessary costs. Take a few minutes and ask yourself these questions:


  • Do my casting runs have too many inferior parts?
  • Are the surface finishes not quite up to the quality I would like?
  • Is the number of out-of-spec castings too high?
  • Are too many parts failing quality tests?
  • Are there too many issues with porosity, inclusions, or shrinkage cracks?
  • Are you having problems with sand holes, cold shut, or other defects?


You shouldn’t have to settle for lower quality than you deserve. While nobody is perfect, the best investment casting suppliers minimize these and other issues, constantly striving to deliver top-quality parts. Find out more from PPCP at 717-273-3338 or on the PPCP website (home link).