End-of-Year Investment Casting Value Checkup

Dec 19, 2023

Before you start the new production year, it’s a good idea to do an end-of-year investment casting value checkup. There are many important considerations when evaluating the value you are receiving from your parts supplier. Some are clearly tangible and measurable. Others are a bit more qualitative and difficult to nail down, but all should be considered. This list is a good place to start:


  • Are you sure you are paying a reasonable, appropriate price for your castings?
  • Do your castings perform up to or beyond your expectations?
  • Do your parts come with complete foundry support and backup?
  • Are the quality and performance of your parts comparable or superior to others in the industry?
  • Are you enjoying a strong return on your parts investment?
  • Is your foundry able to rapidly and economically accommodate part redesigns?
  • Do your parts enhance the value of the finished products you market?
  • Does your foundry help ensure you get the most value for your parts investment?


Every manufacturer is different, with unique needs and requirements. To achieve the highest value to the manufacturer, some parts require the very best quality and precision. Other parts and applications need to focus more on economy. Regardless of your need, your foundry should help you achieve success. Find out how PPCP can help by calling 717-273-3338 and exploring the PPCP website (home link).