Expansion Plans at PPCP

Mar 22, 2011

ppcp water tower on building onePPCP is working on another phase of expansion. Three years ago we added a second building to house all of our post pour operations.  In addition we added a third pouring unit to ensure we do not run into capacity issues in the event of major downtime in one unit of our pouring operations.

Now we are expanding our Shell Room and Wax Department to ultimately enable PPCP to increase our potential capacity by 30 to 40%.  As I write, walls are being constructed to expand our dipping operations.  We will be adding 4,200 square feet to our Shell room.  We will be adding a new primary hand dipping conveyor and cell.  The expansion also sets up the space we need to add a second robotic dipping cell into our operations. Lastly, the department will gain much needed space for storing and drying sealed molds. PPCP is excited about our need to expand.  We look forward to having the capacity to grow with the new customers we have developed over the past year.