Four More Defects to Avoid

Feb 20, 2024

A foundry with highly skilled, experienced investment casting professionals can prevent the four casting defects discussed in our previous post. Following are four more to avoid:


Runout – is when molten alloy seeps out of the mold while it is filled. It can leave voids in the castings and create faulty parts. Defective shells and handling issues can be the cause.


Wax Damage – similar to misrun, however this defect results in parts with sharp edges. Causes can be mishandled wax patterns or wax drips from the wax assembly.


Bulge – often undetectable by the naked eye, this defect results in a gradual thickening of the casting wall. It can be caused by elevated metallostatic pressure or pattern proximity.


Shrinkage – can result from insufficient alloy available to compensate for shrinkage that occurs as the metal cools, when casting sections change, or from other production issues.