Getting Personal

Jun 23, 2020

All too often, coworkers do not really know each other beyond their professional roles. Getting to know the individual and understanding more about how they feel and what is important to them can enrich and strengthen their working relationship and enhance performance. Consider doing this.

“Last 30 Seconds”

This activity helps team members to know one another better by having a glimpse into their desires, personalities and passions.

The game is simple. Participants get a minute to remember and consider the best and defining moments in their lives – it can be anything exciting, adventurous, life-changing or rewarding in personal or professional space. Then, participants are asked to narrow things down and share the one moment they would like to relive in during the “last 30 seconds of their lives”. The second part of the game allows participants to know each other at intimate level as each one of them shares the highlights of the last 30 seconds of their lives. This unpretentious game brings cohesiveness among distant or troubled teams.