Governor Corbett Visit to PA Precision Cast Parts, Inc.

Sep 12, 2012

On September 10, 2012, PA Governor Tom Corbett visited PA Precision Cast Parts, Inc. to ceremonially sign House Bill 1329 into law.  The Bill requires regulations to be weighed against the cost to small businesses prior to becoming effective.  Regulators are now required to determine if other more cost effective options are available that would be better for the small business community.  PPCP was selected as the host site for the bill signing.  President and CEO Andrew Miller escorted the Governor and Representative Tina Pickett, who introduced the legislation, on a plant tour.  After the tour, the employees and guests heard from the Governor as he explained the importance of this “common sense” legislation.  In all it was an exciting day for the community and the employees.

Andrew Miller of PPCP with Governor Tom Corbett

Andy Miller of PPCP with Governor Tom Corbett