Helping Embrace Change

Jun 2, 2020

Almost everyone is working differently now. Many are doing so from home, which requires conferencing, Zooming, Teaming and other alternative ways to communicate and collaborate. For many people and businesses, this is a new experience. To help break the ice and get team members engaged, here is an exercise that can be used in a virtual meeting.

“Write Your Name Ice Breaker”

This helps people see that things that are unusual and uncomfortable can still be accomplished in new ways. Here is what you do –

  1. Ask everyone to find a piece of paper and write their name.
  2. Then ask them to put their pen or pencil in their other hand and write their name with that hand. Give them a moment because this takes longer.
  3. Then ask:
    • Does the second name look different?
    • How does it look different? (Smaller, larger, different slant, sloppy, etc.)
    • How did it feel to write with your non- dominant hand?
    • Were you able to do it even though it was uncomfortable?
    • Can you read it?
  4.  Tie the exercise to working differently. New methods take some trial and error and practice. Things become more comfortable with practice.

This takes about 5 minutes, then you can proceed with your agenda.