Investment Casting Applications

Jan 9, 2024

Happy New Year! If you are starting off 2024 considering different manufacturing processes for your parts, you should know about the many and diverse investment casting applications. The investment casting process is extremely versatile and accommodating of a vast range of design requirements and specifications. Here are just a few applications that are ideal for investment casting: 


  • Valves 
  • Process Instrumentation and Controls 
  • Pumps and Pumping Equipment 
  • Mining and Oil & Gas Machinery and Equipment 
  • Air and Gas Compressors 
  • Power Boilers and Heat Exchangers 
  • Military / Defense 
  • Specialized Hardware 
  • Structural Components 
  • Transportation Components 
  • Medical Equipment 


This list is only the beginning. Connect with a PPCP foundry professional to discuss your special needs by calling 717-273-3338.