Investment Casting Quiz Answers

Feb 6, 2024

If you took the short investment casting quiz we presented in our last post (dated ________), we hope you did well. To find out, here are our investment casting quiz answers:


  1. How long ago did people begin using investment (or lost wax) casting? 1,000 years? 2,500 years? 5,000 years?

ANSWER: 5,000 years.

  1. What is the PED (European Pressure Equipment Directive)?

ANSWER: The European Union’s requirements for pressure-bearing equipment entering into and being used in the EU. Read more. (link:

  1. Name three non-destructive testing techniques used for investment casting quality assurance.

ANSWER: Spectrographic Analysis, Photomicrographic Analysis, Ultrasonic Testing. Read more. (link:

  1. How can robotic dipping improve the investment casting process?

ANSWER: It can be faster, more versatile, and more reliable, and it can improve repeatability. Read more. (link:

  1. What is investment casting’s near-net-shape process and how is it beneficial?

ANSWER: The investment casting process produces castings that come out of the shell virtually identical to the desired finished parts, reducing or eliminating the need for machining and finishing work. That saves time and money, while improving quality.