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Pennsylvania-Precision-Cast-PartsPPCP_123-prototypesTechnology has changed the way many businesses function And 3D printing is revolutionizing the prototyping process for investment casting. 3D printing streamlines the prototyping process and reduces the lead time for a cast prototype. With a CAD model, we are able to generate a 3D printed prototype and cast it with greatly reduced lead times.

Purpose of Prototyping for Investment Casting

Rapid prototyping can be used for a variety of purposes. Concept modeling is used for verifying a new design. This is useful to determine if there’s interest in the market, getting stakeholders on board, training, or determining if a new manufacturing method is possible. Developing functional prototypes is another common use of prototyping that allows for testing out new design features, working with movable parts, and evaluating performance prior to moving to production. Whether proving a concept or developing a working prototype, our rapid prototyping capabilities enable us to provide reduced cost and lead times for our customers.

Benefits of Fast Prototyping for Your Investment Casting Needs

  • Developing products often requires trial and error to identify and address any design flaws. Prototyping using 3D printing is an excellent way to handle this process in a way that reduces process time while keeping costs to a minimum.
  • Prototyping for your investment casting allows you to create a fully functional, durable prototype to aid in the design process. Prototypes allow you to easily identify design flaws and help to improve your product.
  • 3D printing with prototyping also allows you to make several different variations of your design at one time. This can save you time and money throughout the design process. These sample products let you test the different variations to make an educated decision on which design is going to best suit your needs.
  • Prototyping also enables you to make a small quantity production run which may eliminate the need for tooling which reduces upfront costs.

By identifying any design flaws through the prototyping process, costly tooling and manufacturing costs can be greatly reduced. Rapid prototyping can change the game for your company. Contact us today about how we can help you with your rapid prototyping needs.

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