Precision Cast Parts – The Process

Dec 6, 2016

Investment casting is an excellent choice for making precision cast parts for an almost limitless variety of components, applications and industries. A clear understanding of investment casting is helpful in determining whether it is best for any specific application.

illustration of quality investment casting or lost wax casting process

Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts utilizes a nine-step process to produce castings from an extensive range of common and specialty alloys in sizes up to 250 pounds. The steps include:

  1. Tooling and Pattern Making
  2. Pattern Assembly
  3. Dipping and Coating
  4. De-Waxing and Firing
  5. Casting
  6. Knockout
  7. Finishing
  8. Testing and Inspection
  9. Packing and Shipping

Other foundries may use somewhat different steps, but the process is basically the same. Check back for a series of posts providing more detail on each of the investment casting process.