Stainless Steel and Aluminum Castings

Sep 27, 2022

The investment casting process can be effectively used for both stainless steel and aluminum casting. When choosing the best material for your parts, consider these facts:

  • Strength vs. Weight – Aluminum is not as strong, but approximately one third the weight, giving it an excellent strength-weight ratio.
  • Heat Resistance – Stainless steel has a much higher heat tolerance, which can make it more suitable for certain applications. Aluminum softens at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Workability – Aluminum is more malleable than stainless steel, which can make it easier to work with and more cost-effective in some cases.
  • Welding – Aluminum is more difficult to weld than stainless steel.
  • Electric Conductivity – Aluminum is an excellent conductor of electricity. Stainless steel is poor.
  • Cost – Stainless steel usually costs more than aluminum but is well worth it for some applications.