Three Investment Casting Alloys You Should Know About

Jun 20, 2017

Investment casting accommodates an extensive variety of standard and specialty metal alloys needed for specific applications and industries. Three of these alloys are:

Aluminum – It is light weight, impermeable and highly corrosion resistant, making it ideal for many parts and components. It also has excellent ductility and is one of the best conductors of both electricity and heat, at a much lower weight than copper or other metals.

Ductile Iron – It’s structure and composition are ideal for parts used in petrochemicals, mining, railways, pumps, valves, hydro, architectural and many more industries and applications.

Cobalt-Base Alloys – In alloy form with other metals, cobalt performs very well in harsh, demanding conditions and applications. These alloys offer excellent strength and toughness and are both corrosion and heat resistant, even at high temperatures.