What’s the Right Casting Process?

Apr 19, 2016

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the right process for producing parts. While there may be special considerations and other issues, here are some important items to take into account:

  • Application – how will the part be used? Are there special requirements?
  • Alloy – does the application require a specialized alloy?
  • Precision – how tight are the tolerances and specifications?
  • Complexity – is the part design and configuration intricate, with fine work required?
  • Mechanical – does it require assembly or finishing work?
  • Quality – are there rigorous performance requirements?
  • Quantity – how long are the production runs and how frequent?
  • Longevity – will it be produced over a long period of time without design changes?

Choosing the right foundry, with the necessary expertise to help address all these issues is also very important.